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roberto di febo italian dentist in london, practice manager centre point dental clinic

Dr. Roberto Di Febo

Practice Manager @ Centre Point Dental Clinic

I’m Roberto Di Febo, an italian dentist in London, founder of Centre Point Dental Clinic.
My mission is to assist my patients offering a comprehensive array of dental services in a hospitable and comfortable environment. I have been exercising the profession of Doctor in Dental Surgery for more than 25 years with great passion and enthusiasm, mainly in the area of Oral surgery, Periodontics, Implantology and Dental Prosthetics.

At Centre Point Dental Clinic in London we are passionate about helping our patients in showing a healthy and beautiful smile. For this reason, we offer premium dental care at an affordable price because your smile shouldn’t be a luxury.

Our commitment started more than 20 years ago, collaborating with the leading dental clinics in Italy and now our only goal is to offer top quality services and make our client satisfied with their newly rediscovered smile.

Why Centre Point Dental Clinic in London?

Top Quality Services
We haven’t just collaborated with the most established clinics in Italy. We are always following new technological trends in the Dental industry to spot and offer you the best technologies and practices.

Premium Quality with completive price
We use the most advanced technology, but at an affordable price.

Your safety is important
At Centre Point Dental Clinic we consider your safety as a priority. We always learn and apply new laws and guidelines to sterilise our tools and welcome you in a clean and controlled environment.

Center London location
Our dental clinic in London is just in front of the British Museum and 5 minutes walking from Holborn tube station. There are also several bus stops and even parking lots if you are coming by car. After your work or just if you visiting London center, it will be always easy to reach us.

Your time is valuable for us
In a busy city such as London, we know how your time is important. For this reason, we pay the highest attention in scheduling our appointments, to never make you stay in our studio for long just hearing the clock ticking.

Meet our team:

Dr. Stefano Stea

Consultant Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon

Dr. Sali Urovi

Specialist in anesthesia and resuscitation


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