Surgical periodontal therapy

Open flap debridement: nn some advanced periodontal cases, surgical periodontal procedures might be employed to address unresolved sites following non-surgical therapy. The surgical gum treatment is designed to treat cases of advanced soft tissue loss and bone loss, deep angular bone defects, reach to complex root anatomy such as grooves and furcations (part of the tooth where tooth divides into two/three roots).

Under local anaesthetic, gum tissue is gently reflected away from the underlying tissue and bone. This facilitates greater access to remove plaque and calculus (tartar) from the root surfaces. On occasions, gums might need to be reshaped to reduce the depth of gum pockets.

Resorbable stitches are usually used in the surgery. Comprehensive post-operative instructions are given following each periodontal surgical procedure. Generally, a post-operative review visit is scheduled in two weeks following the surgery.

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