Crown lengthening

Crown lengthening is carried out to alter the gum margin of the tooth. A minimum width between gum margins and margins of fillings and crowns is critical to ensure long-term gum health and aesthetics.

Aesthetic crown lengthening
Some patients might have short clinical crowns or display excess gum tissue during the function. Aesthetic crown lengthening might be used to help improve such cases. This might entail simple surgical reshaping of the gums alone. However, in most of the cases, underlying bone needs to be repositioned as well to not compromise the long term gingival health.

Functional crown lengthening
Grossly cavitated or broken down teeth often need complex restorations such as crowns. At times the margins of the cavities might be extending below the gum margins. Functional crown lengthening reshapes the gums and underlying bone around the teeth to lengthen the clinical crowns of the teeth, to allow sufficient amount of natural tooth structure above the gum line or exposes the cavity margins, facilitating the placement of such a restoration.

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